Atavic Engineering (Pty)Ltd:


Atavic Engineering (Pty)Ltd opened its doors in 1986 with the intention of setting the standard for manufacturing, precision engineering and repairs in the power stations, magnetics, construction, mining and machinery industries. Since our inception we have lived up to this goal and earned our place as the leader in the industry due to our consistent production and manufacturing excellence.

Atavic Engineering (Pty)Ltd always goes the extra mile for our clients, ensuring that they receive the most technologically advanced and reliable industry solutions. We deliver premier machining and micro welding services for protective overlaying, building up of worn parts and the re-manufacturing of fabrication. We are the technical experts in this industry and offer the most specialised repairs, manufacturing, precision engineering and fabrication service solutions in South Africa and throughout Africa.

With almost 3 decades of industry experience, the Atavic Engineering (Pty)Ltd team have the most superior industry knowledge and unparalleled technological dexterity. It is because of our dedicated, knowledgeable and our highly accomplished team, that we are able to provide a highly specialised service operation. Each member of our team is exceptionally educated in their specific trade and will always maintain the highest standards of product and service excellence. Atavic Engineering (Pty)Ltd has the most qualified and motivated management team and when combined with our renowned engineers and skilled workers, our services are guaranteed to provide total client satisfaction.

Welding Equipment South Africa

Incorporating Modern Welding Systems

Our specialised Modern Welding Systems division is extremely sought after as this division provides our customers with metallurgical compatibility and engineering superiority. Modern Welding Systems and Atavic Engineering(Pty)Ltd both focus on their fundamental business, offering the highest levels of state of the art machinery in remanufacturing, machining, precision engineering and specialised welding on all types of metals.

Consistent Results and Service Excellence

Atavic Engineering (Pty)Ltd and Modern Welding Systems maintain unbeatable results due to our company ethics and thorough processes.

Some of the industries that we service include:

• Process and Material Choice
• Consumable and Treatment Selection
• A Detailed Welding Procedure
• Pre-machining of Welding Area
• Set-up and Preparation
• Welding and Stress Control
• Machining
• Finishing
• Metal Particle Inspection
• Ultrasonic Testing
• Quality Assurance Documents Supply
• Final Inspection

Our services are vast, and we are able to provide solutions that include: micro welding and the supply of machinery; material and technical equipment to a variety of industries.


Some of the industries that we service include:

• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Earthmoving Equipment
• Construction Equipment

• Power Stations
• Mines
• Mills



Atavic Engineering (Pty)Ltd as well as Modern Welding Systems, are ISO 9001-2015 approved (since 2003) and both offer a completely thorough, strict and effective adherence to the company’s quality control system.

Due to our adherence to these specialised procedures, and because of our renowned name in the industry, we have obtained the approval and certification of a myriad of companies including: Transnet, Sappi, ABB and Actom Group.