Micro Welding (Saw)

Micro welding is an automated arc welding process. It uses small diameter alloyed welding wires fused into the base metal with low heat input. Used extensively for building up, joining and overlaying of metals. This rotary process ensures distortion free welding, taking into account all the present welding parameters to their optimal calculated values, to give the essential properties to the work.

Modern Welding Systems selects the most suitable welding method and alloys for the application after taking into account; strength, wear, resistance, shock resistance, hardness, corrosion resistance and coefficient of friction etc. involved in the application of the components. Micro Welding, by using approved procedures from WISA, (Welding Institute of South Africa), can join, rebuild or overlay a wide variety of round and flat surfaces from basic steel shafts, highly alloyed spline drive gears to cast-iron seal bearing journals to internal bores of stainless steel, bronze or aluminum.

Remanufacturing of rotor shafts in cast-iron, stainless steel and bronze can be done at a fraction of the original cost. Our machines have an external capacity of up to 2m in diameter and can weld over a 5m length. Internal bore welding capacity is from 25mm diameter to 1200mm inside diameter.

Micro sub-arc, Micro Mig / Mag, pulsed and cored wire, Tig welding as well as the powder spray process gives us a wide variety of process selection options to ensure continuous efficient results.