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6 October 2020,

Micro welding is one of many different types of welding procedures performed on various materials. This specific type of welding method is highly precise and must be performed carefully on incredibly small areas of the material. Here’s everything you should know about micro welding:

How is it conducted?

The way that micro welding is conducted is dependent on the type of technique that is used. However, each type of micro welding is can only be conducted with the use of high-quality, precision equipment and a microscope. These tools allow the welder to create neat and non-defective welds in small areas with causing major stress within the materials.

Different types

There are a few different types of techniques. The most common one is micro TIG (gas tungsten arc welding or tungsten inert gas welding) welding, which has its origins in regular TIG welding. Micro TIG welding is useful for restoring components, as well as creating complicated structural joints. Another commonly used micro welding technique is micro laser welding. This technique uses a solid-state laser to perform high-quality welds.

The applications

As we’ve already mentioned, micro welding is used to weld small areas that would otherwise be impossible to weld with regular welding techniques. These techniques use welding beads between the sizes of 0.065 and 0.005. It is the common choice for welds that require minimal stress and when the heat needs to be focused on the area to avoid affecting the surrounding area.

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