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23 April 2020,

Micro welding refers to any type of welding that falls below the regular weld size. Micro welding can be performed in many ways through different methods such as TIG welding, thermocompression welding and fine spot resistance welding. Micro welding offers many benefits, read about these benefits below:

Tight spaces

The most obvious benefit of micro welding is the ability to weld in very tight spaces. The welding tools used in micro-welding can weld between a range of 0.2mm up to 5mm. This means that they can perform welds in joints or other tight spaces whereas regular welding equipment could not be used to complete these tasks. They can also be used on items that are not in a confined space but are too small for other welding techniques to complete effectively, such as fine wires.


Micro welding allows for precision. The small tools used to complete these delicate tasks can complete them at the highest quality and at a quick rate. The small, gentle arc allows for consistent welding over short durations that are perfect for completing accurate welds on small objects. If other welding methods are used for these smaller objects, the risk of damaging the products instead of performing a quality weld is high.


Micro welding is a very cost-effective method of welding small objects. The quality of the work, combined with the quick results allows these welders to run an efficient, productive business. The tasks can be completed in a much quicker time, meaning that final product assemblies can be provided to customers sooner, giving you a happy, returning customer.

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