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7 February 2020,

As we move toward a technologically advanced future, things are changing; machines are becoming computerised, handywork is becoming less of a safety hazard and less people are needed to fill machinery positions. Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery is the new kid on the block and it is here to stay. Read more about CNC machinery below:

What is it?

CNC machinery is a form of machinery that is operated by a computer. The computer reads the design and then uses a specific code to transmit messages that will guide the machinery through the creation of designs and patterns on materials such as metal, wood and plastic. There are different types of CNC machinery that are more suitable to certain tasks.

What is it used for?

CNC machinery can be used in many ways. Depending on the machinery, they can be used to cut or melt materials and shape them to create a variety of products such as other machinery parts or more delicate products. Each machine uses a different tool to complete the job. These include drills, lasers, carving tools and more. These machines have become a popular choice when turning stock material into functional parts.

The different types

There are four main types of CNC machinery; drills, lathes, cutters and milling machines. Milling machines are a common choice for business owners as they can develop accurate intricate designs. CNC cutters are a close second due to the convenience of using either a laser or plasma cutter to complete a design.

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